About OHIO Women in Business

OWIB’s vision is to make the Ohio University College of Business the university of choice for highly talented females entering the business world, as a result of the outstanding support, development and sense of community provided through the organization.


​​To attract high potential young women to the field of business through targeted outreach and events.


​​To develop women interested in the field of business by hosting speakers, leadership development processes, professionalism workshops, mentoring programs, social gatherings, and partnerships with other organizations.


​​To launch women into the workplace after preparing them with networking sessions and other opportunities to gain a competitive position.

OWIB Organizational Tracks 

OHIO Women in Business (OWIB) is a professional organization for every grade level. With this, our members have varying levels of development which requires different areas of focus for professional seminars. In order to cater to each grade level, our members complete three separate tracks. Each track is personalized to the members’ development level, grade level, and personal reflection. Members are placed in a specific starting track that shapes their OWIB path. From our motto of “Attract, Develop, Launch”, OWIB’s tracks are the key factors in fully developing every member. For a full explanation of each track, please see below.

Year 1

The Year 1 Track is the starting point for all members that are entering our program. This track is dedicated to preparing our young members for the business profession, as well as the College of Business. These students will focus on topics such as resume and LinkedIn prep, leadership skills, vision mapping, and goal setting. Each Intern will also be completing a personal SWOT to analyze their strengths and where they can focus their attention to improve. After a full two semesters as interns, these members will transition into the Year 2 Track.

Year 2

Sophomores and transfer students will be placed in our Year 2 Track as a stepping stone into the program. These students will also have the option to attend Intern meetings if they believe it better fits them. Our goal for the Year 2 members is warm them up to networking and personal branding to ensure early success. This will consist of development seminars such as job searching tips, interview skills, digital branding, keeping up with connections, and preparing a second personal SWOT. Similar to the Year 1 Track, the Year 2’s will complete two semesters and graduate to Year 3’s.

Year 3

Junior and seniors will be placed in our Year 2 track for at least a semester to transfer into our advanced track as Year 3’s. With internships and full-time jobs on the radar for these members, it is essential for our advanced members to be prepared for the work-force. Due to our advanced track consisting of two grade levels, these members will receive multiple development seminars in the Year 3 Track. These seminars cover managing up, salary negotiation, difficult conversations, transitions, and post-graduation tips. The Year 3 Track is the final stage before “launching” our members into the workplace.


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